Preparing for Remicade

Actually there isn’t much preparation to do for my Remicade dose.  Just turn up to see my Rheumatologist who typically checks my lungs, heart, blood pressure and psoriasis spots, and then they prescribe the Remicade.  I then go to get some blood taken, and at the same time they leave in what they call a “heparin lock” in Thailand.  Here is a picture of what one looks like:

I then have a wait of about an hour or more while the pharmacy prepares the Remicade.  Then finally it will arrive at the clinic and the nurses will begin the infusion.  I plan to take some pics of the process tomorrow.  Hopefully they won’t mind.

My arthritis is still pretty much absent as far as I can tell.  My back seems to be a bit sore in the early morning – but not as much as it was after the last infusion.  I’m not sure how quickly the infusion works, but I’m assuming pretty much right away.  Maybe it doesn’t fully kick in until a day or two later, in which case that would explain the soreness last time.

In any case I don’t have any joint pain in my right fingers – which is usually another place that it comes up.  However my psoriasis is certainly worse, although nothing I can’t put up with.  I have a new spot now on my right wrist, that has never been there before.  I think I developed a rash there from my watch one time when I was lifting weights, and the rash developed into psoriasis.  Wounds developing into psoriasis is not unusual, and goes by the name of Koebner phenomenon.  Therefore people with psoriasis have to be careful not to injure themselves.  I have a spot of psoriasis on my left knuckle which I can trace back to 2001 when I was training on a punching bag.  I scrapped that knuckle on the bag, and ever since I’ve had a spot of psoriasis there.  It usually disappears after my Remicade dose, for about 5 weeks, and then reappears.

My scalp psoriasis is worse, and my spot on my left elbow seems to be the same size, although is much redder now.  I tried to take a picture of my scalp in the mirror but it came out way to blurry.  Here is one of my elbow:

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