Psoriasis Patients at Greater Risk of Diabetes

Greetings minions!  I hope you have all been sticking to a wonderful healthy lifestyle.  I can report that the kettlebells and jujitsu is going really well.  I just love doing the jujitsu and can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone wanting to get in shape and stay healthy.  It really doesn’t seem like exercise.  In a typical session my coach will teach me a couple of new moves, we practice it many times, and then at the end we have a free “rolling” session where I just try and get him to tap out.  He has a timer and usually we will do a 2 minute round, and even with just 2 minutes I’m gasping for breath at the end since it is so strenuous, yet I don’t notice as I’m enjoying it so much.

I’ve blogged before about how psoriasis ups the risks for cardiac / blood pressure problems which scientists term “metabolic syndrome”.  Well just recently a study at Copenhagen showed that having psoriasis also ups one’s risk of developing diabetes.  Damn.  The more severe the psoriasis then the higher the risk of developing diabetes too.

So again, if you have psoriasis make sure you take excellent care of your body and health.  Eat healthy and exercise.  You will feel full of energy and vitality – I guarantee it!

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