Psoriasis / PsA and your Heart

Last year I blogged about a study showing psoriatic arthritis patients have a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, which includes a higher risk of heart disease.  At that time I encouraged psoriasis warriors to monitor their waist size as well as their blood pressure.  Well a new study out last week shows that some people with psoriasis may be protected from metabolic syndrome if they are fortunate enough to have a specific gene:

Psoriasis patients who possess the HLA-Cw6 allele appear to be protected against the increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities associated with the disease

It is a bit ironic I feel.  On the one hand we psoriasis warriors have to suffer because we have a dysfunctional gene which is causing our immune system to cause psoriasis / psoriatic arthritis, yet on the other hand some of us may be lucky enough to have a gene which protects us from metabolic syndrome / cardiac issues associated with the very same disease.

Talking about cardiac issues, in the last couple of weeks there has been maybe two instances where I haven’t been able to get to sleep because my heart is racing.  Both times there was no way I could sleep so I just read a book for about 30 minutes until it got back to normal.  I thought it may have been a heart issue but reading the literature it appears that it may be caused by anxiety.  I wasn’t worried about anything at the time – well anything that I consciously knew about – so maybe subconsciously there was something I was mulling over.

It certainly isn’t pleasant so I hope it doesn’t return.

Moving on to things to worry about, I’m not afraid of injections and needles but I know many people who are.  If you are afraid of needles then the good news is that it looks like science is close to developing a needle-less injection system.  It really does look a lot like the injection system they use on Star Trek – you can see a video of it here.

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