Psoriasis Update

Well it has been a month or so since I gave an update on my psoriasis (and arthritis).  I guess I haven’t blogged about it because for me it is quite stable.  I don’t have any psoriatic arthritis – except for perhaps my lower back.  That gets quite painful at times, however I’m not sure if it is because of arthritis, or just general degeneration of the lumbar spine.  I had a CT done of my lumbar spine when I was first diagnosed with Arthritis (back in 2004) and the radiologist noted then of “typical bone degeneration”.  I have blogged before that I don’t usually do full back squats because the pressure can easily trigger something to ‘tweak’ in my lumbar area and give me bad pain for weeks.

So how about my psoriasis?  Well that also is the same.  I.e. I have a patch on my left elbow and some scalp psoriasis – mainly on the right hand side by my ear, and a little at the front.  You may recall that I had a bit of koebnerization on my right wrist – this has cleared up.  I also have a very small spot on one knuckle on my left hand.  It disappears for a few weeks after my remicade infusion, but then reappears.  That spot was due to koebnerization of an injury (hitting a punching bag) way back around 2001.  So I haven’t blogged about it as it stays pretty stable at this level.

However you may recall that I tried an experiment with Lactoferrin, to see whether a dose of 1.2 grams per day made a difference to my psoriasis.  I also managed to rope in a guinea pig to try 3 grams per day, so see if a higher dose made any difference to psoriasis.  Well, I can report that I found after one month of 1.2 grams no difference at all in my level of psoriasis.  Also, I didn’t hear back from my guinea pig except to say that after 2 weeks they had some great bowel discomfort, which they attributed to the high dose of Lactoferrin.  I presume that they also did not find any change in psoriasis level.

So I’m very happy that I’m on a biologic, and that it continues to keep me free from arthritis, and mostly free from psoriasis.

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