Put Women In Charge

Before we go any further I must stress again that I am a male!

Last year I blogged about an American psychologist studying the incidence of violence throughout world history, who noted that our current period is the most peaceful (in terms of violence) that has ever existed and that this is in part due to the empowering of women.  He stated:

By all measures men are the more violent gender.

At the time I wondered out loud what would be the effect of making it compulsory that all head military positions in the world be occupied by women.  I would hazard a guess that the world would be even more peaceful.

Well related to this a scientist has been studying “morality”.  He has devised a test to measure morality and see how it changes over time (i.e. how our work experience affects our morals).  You can read the entire article here and even take the test to see how moral you are, however in summary he found that overall women are more moral than men.

“Women prefer to make their decisions based on how it impacts others – which tends to produce better decisions – while men have a more individual approach and are more self-interested.”

So again I wonder what would the world be like if we put women in the major decision making roles.  Now I know that this would not be perfect – I have had my share of scary bitch bosses in my time and I shudder to think what damage they would do if in control of a country – however overall I’m sure it would be better than our current practice. Just think of the crazy violent places in the world right now and who controls them – North Korea, Afghanistan, many countries in Africa etc. We need an overhaul.

I love science fiction, especially space opera, and I’ve just finished reading the Sundiver novel.  I’ve finished all the recent books of the great space opera writers and so have been going back to those novels written 30-40 years ago.  I’ve found a lot of them are crap as they weren’t able to accurately predict the way the world would go (e.g. they talk about storing information on tapes in the year 2145 or something like that), however the Sundiver novel was actually pretty good.  One really interesting part was how in the future the governments of Earth had devised a scientific and accurate test to measure one’s propensity to violence.  It was compulsory for every citizen (men and women) to undergo (regularly) this test, and anyone testing positive was prohibited from certain occupations / privileges.

I really believe that for the human race to steam ahead at great speed we need to solve this issue of violence.

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