A quiet day

My new office is working out pretty well.  I’m fortunate that the office has its own independent air conditioning.  This is always a good thing in the tropical heat of Bangkok.

Work is busy – I’m swamped with legal documents right now.  I guess being busy has been good as when there isn’t so much to do it is easy to think too much about food! Ha.  My calorie intake has been right on 2,100 calories for the past couple of days, and although I know that there can’t be a measurable change in only 2 days, I must admit I do feel more “lean”, if it is possible to feel such a thing.

Monday and Tuesday are my days off from the gym.  I try and do cardio on those days (elliptical) and managed it yesterday – although today had a late meeting and didn’t get home in time.  I’m looking forward to a lower workout tomorrow.

Psoriasis is much the same – which is good that it is not getting worse.  My sleeping is not too bad recently, and my wife noted this morning that the dark rings around my eyes seem to be much less.

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