Remicade done

Yesterday I had my regular dose of remicade.  Usually when I see the doctor before I take my remicade I’ve been suffering for a couple of weeks with diarrhea from an inflamed bowel – which is known to be related to an excess of TNF.  However this time round my bowels have been great – and I put that down to regularly taking probiotics.  So if any of my fellow psoriatic arthritis warriors are suffering from an angry bowel, I would recommend trying out probiotics.  I blogged about this last week and was hoping that it wasn’t a temporary benefit, and indeed it seems like probiotics have really helped.

Things continue to be really busy at work – which eats into my time to blog.  However I have come across a few interesting sites in the last couple of days which I want to mention.  Google seem to be experimenting with an amazing Head’s Up Display (HUD) for the common person – check it out here.  I definitely would buy a pair of those.  Wow – I love the way technology is blazing ahead.

I blogged a few months ago about a guy called Drew who is doing the journey of fit to fat to fit.  He spent 6 months getting out of shape and is on the return journey of 6 months to get back into shape.  You can follow his progress on his site.  So his 6 month journey to get back in shape finishes on May 7th – which is about 11 weeks away.  He currently is 28 pounds away from his initial weight.  Usually for a bodybuilder trying to lose fat (and not muscle), a goal of 2 pounds fat loss per week is pretty aggressive.  Drew will have to lose on average of 2.5 pounds per week to hit his goal.  I’m watching his progress with interest to see if he can do it.  I believe that he won’t actually be able to meet his goal of 193 pounds unless he goes crazy on the cardio and doesn’t care about losing muscle.  That being said, he is doing amazingly well, and you can easily see the progress – and even peek a couple of top abs coming through already!  I believe that it is much more difficult to lose weight than put it on – due to creation of new fat cells (which never die).

One thing I love about Drew’s site is that he puts up great recipes for healthy meals, high in protein and low in carbs.  I’m saving all of them, and a recent one he put up is a great alternative to pizza.  You can read about it here.

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