Remicade Done

Had my remicade infusion today and all went smoothly.  Actually in this run up to my remicade I noticed that I haven’t had the sleeping problems or depth of diarrhea that I’ve experienced in the past.  I have had some diarrhea, but much less than usual.

My psoriasis also didn’t get as bad this time before my remicade.  The only change that I’m aware of making since my last remicade is cutting out as much sugar as I can.  Maybe this is the reason?  The only way to know is to continue and see if when my next remicade dose rolls around whether I’m still doing well.

I also discussed with my doctor the new medication out in the US for treating RLS.  This is Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil) and she is going to check to see if it is available in Thailand.  If not then I have a friend going back to the US in the next few weeks and I’ll see if he can pick some up for me.  It would be great if I could get away from having to take tramadol each night.



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