Restless Leg Syndrome – Waiting for a Cure

It was a mixed bag in the weekend.  I had a good training day on Saturday morning.  I feel like a have a lot more energy during my training – which is likely to be the case since I’m eating 50% more calories than before.  Interestingly I haven’t put on any weight since my last weighing.  I’m hoping that is because my body has adapted quickly to the extra calories and is not trying to hold onto every last one since I’m not in a calorie deficit anymore.

However my RLS was absolutely terrible over the weekend.  It was the worst it has ever been on Saturday night, and also Sunday morning.  I felt really quite bad on Sunday morning.  I got up about 7.45 am feeling like I had a decent enough sleep, but my legs starting giving me trouble again (RLS) and I just wasn’t feeling full of beans.  I tried to read the newspaper on the computer to distract me but it wasn’t working.  I really didn’t want to take a tramadol, so I massaged some liniment cream into my calf muscles – as this can help.  I promptly fell asleep!  I slept for about an hour and felt much better when I woke up.  I had bad RLS again last night, so it still isn’t going away.

However I had a good sleep last night, and today I wasn’t troubled by RLS at all – so that has put me in a good mood.  My muscles are pretty sore though.  I did an upper workout on Saturday and even though it didn’t feel like I had done too much at the time, boy my muscles are screaming today!

So why am I getting so much RLS lately?  I still haven’t managed to work it out.  On Saturday night I took the family to V8 Diner, which as you may remember is full of wonderful “heart warming” but “unhealthy” food.  As I mentioned after the last time we went, it is ok once every couple of months or so.  However at the V8 Diner I did have a few Long Island Ice Teas, and alcohol does exacerbate RLS so that explains Saturday night.  Who knows what happened on Sunday morning.

I note that Mr. Olympia was held this past weekend.  It was to be a showdown between Jay Cutler and Phil Health – with Jay having won the last (4 I think) Olympias, and Phil never having won it.  However I saw the final decision today and see that Phil won Mr. Olympia 2011!  Well done Phil.  It was great to see Jay smiling and congratulating him too – that guy is a champion.

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