Riding the Cold Merry-Go-Round

Most people with psoriasis / psoriatic arthritis know that the really effective oral and injectable treatments are usually immune suppressants.  This is because psoriasis / PsA is caused by an overactive immune system (an abundance of certain proteins which usually function to protect you from illness).  Effective treatments therefore “mop-up” these proteins such that they cannot cause psoriasis / PsA to develop.  However it is extremely difficult to titrate the dose so that only the excessive protein is “mopped up”, and the result is more of a shotgun approach.  That is, someone taking immune suppressants can be left with much lower than normal immune function.  For this reason people taking immune suppressants are warned by their doctor to take special care to avoid situations where they could get sick, and if they do get sick then they should keep a close eye on their condition, seeking medical treatment if at all worried.

So whenever I get sick I wonder if it is ‘normal’ or whether I am getting more sick than ‘regular’ people since I am taking immune suppressants?  When I type it down like this I realize it is a futile thought process.  I’m sick, and whatever the reason I just need to take it easy until I get better.  I realize too that I am very impatient when I’m sick, expecting to get better in a day or two, when logically this is futile as most colds take on average about 7 to 10 days to get back to a semblance of normality.  I’m doing all the right things physically, i.e. taking zinc, plenty of water, sleeping well etc., so mentally I need to learn to relax and “enjoy the ride”. Ha.

I’ve learnt too that one of the reasons I get so frustrated when I’m unwell is because I can’t train at the gym like I usually do.  Hmmm – I think I’m starting to see a pattern here – something about “impatience”.  Guess I need to look at some relaxation techniques.

Relaxation techniques.  Seems like some good ones here.  Since I’m off work with a cold I guess I have time to try some out!

On the subject of looking after one’s health, I saw an uplifting video yesterday on Yahoo of a reporter who did a checkup as part of his research into writing on the subject of health checks, and found out that he had a life threatening illness!  However because he found it early he will easily be able to negate the threat through lifestyle changes.  It is an uplifting video and you can see it here.  It is a great message to encourage people to regularly get check-ups and keep an eye on their health.  Information is power.  It never works to ignore something and avoid getting tests due to fear of the outcome.  Face the fear and beat it.

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