Running on Imodium

Imodium is my friend.  We’ve been doing everything together lately.  Working on the computer, training at the gym, having lunch.  Even going to the toilet together.

So definitely time to get my next dose of Remicade.  How I feel now is exactly how I recall all the other times in the week before my Remicade dose (except for when it was 10 weeks between doses instead of 12).  Yesterday I had 3 tabs of Imodium.  Today so far I’ve needed 5 – however I think the fifth one did the trick.  Funnily enough I usually only get diarrhea in the morning – by the afternoon it is fine.  I’m pretty sure that this is because of irritated bowel rather than an infection.  I’ve had the “results” tested many times in the past and they have all come back negative for infection.  Today I didn’t have the patience to wait until the afternoon as I wanted to go to the gym.  I certainly don’t want to go to the gym when I’m feeling the need to go every 20 minutes.  Been there, done that.  It isn’t pretty.  Public toilets in the male side of a gym are a place you go only if you have a heavy cold and can’t smell.

Other than the spasms in my bowel things are going well.  I checked my skin folds this morning and the abdominal fold is up, but I’m not worried about it.  It can vary by 1 cm when I take it so I know my technique is the problem, not fat.  In any case I’ve come to the conclusion this week that I’ve squeezed all the fat I can out of my body with my current program, and need to change things up.  I haven’t seen any change in fat level in the last 4 weeks, even with reducing my carbs.  I’ve decided that for the next 7 weeks or so I’ll go on a bulking phase (i.e. probably do something like 20% in excess of the calories I need, but still eat healthy), and change my resistance program too.  Then at the beginning of November I’ll try reducing fat again.

I met an interesting guy at the gym today.  He is a Swiss guy called Mike, and apparently he is the coach of the Thai bodybuilding team!  I’ve noticed over the last 4 weeks or so some huge Thai guys training at the gym, and Mike explained that they have come over to this gym recently to train before a big competition at the end of this month, the Asian Bodybuilding Champs.  This is one of the guys I’ve seen training:I asked Mike whether he does personal training, and unfortunately he said according to the conditions of his contract with the Thai government he can’t.  However he did say that he knew some bodybuilders who could do personal training, and would put me in touch with them after the competition (as they are busy preparing for the comp and can’t do any personal training until then).  I’m looking forward to getting a good professional trainer who is a professional bodybuilder.  I know that this will help me a lot in sticking to my nutrition and exercise plan.  I’m about 80% compliant right now, but anytime I feel tired it is too easy to skip a workout.  And in the weekends I’m finding it very difficult to stick to the nutrition plan.  In the meantime I’m looking forward to being able to eat some more calories than usual.

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