Sandy Hook – Ban the Guns


Having lived in Asia for many years in countries where guns are not present in the community to the levels experienced in the USA, I have formulated a fairly strong opinion that the primary cause of the mass shooting problems in America is the prevalence of guns and therefore the solution is to ban those very guns.  Consequently I view the NRA as mainly a bunch of deluded old men or red-necks with an irrational paranoia who are incapable of logically addressing the argument of gun control, the solution of which is as already stated, to ban guns.

I guess I was wrong.

As someone who enjoys approaching subjects logically and hopefully rationally I follow a blog by Sam Harris.  Sam is someone who holds a lot of values common to me.

Following the incident at Sandy Hook Sam wrote a wonderful piece addressing the issue of gun control.  Due to the amount of interest it generated he then wrote a follow up.  I won’t repeat his wonderful writing here, but instead encourage you to visit his blog and read what he has written.  What he writes is very clear and to me is a voice of reason in the heated emotional debate that is gun control in the USA.  I consequently have changed my mind and agree with Sam.  Why?  Because what he writes is logical and reasonable.  If you, like me a few days ago, have strong views that guns must be eradicated in the USA, then I strongly encourage you to read Sam’s piece.

Finally, part of Sam’s blog discusses the issue of armed guards outside schools.  Many people will likely throw their hands in the air in disgust at such a suggestion.  I would ask you question why you have that reaction, and again, read Sam’s blog.  Part of me dreams of the idea of bringing home thousands of troops from overseas and employing them as these guards.


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