Scalp psoriasis & screaming calf muscles

I haven’t been sleeping well for the past 3 nights.  The pattern has been consistent – I will turn it to sleep around 10.30pm to 11pm, and usually fall asleep ok, only to wake up at about 12.30am.  For the first two nights I tossed and turned, only getting patches of sleep before I had to get up to go to work.  Last night I promptly fell asleep and didn’t wake all night!  Felt really tired this morning though – I’m guessing it is accumulated lack of sleep.

I must admit I am a little disappointed.  After sleeping so well last week it sucks to go back to broken, disjointed sleep.  However I will not give up!  I’m sure tonight I will sleep well.

One thing I have certainly noticed is that the psoriasis on my scalp has flared back up.  I guess lack of sleep = scalp psoriasis flare.  Interestingly, the Psoriasis Foundation tweeted today that nearly 50% of psoriasis warriors have it on their scalp.  I managed to take a snap of it this morning right after I woke up.  I apologize for the low quality of the pic, but I was pretty tired and as you can see still have all my “bed hair” on display.Note, although it looks like the left side of my face is red, or colored darker than the right side, it actually isn’t the case.  I think it was shadow or something.  The circled spots are the psoriasis flare up.  Just last week after a few good nights of sleep no psoriasis was visible!

My calf muscles have been screaming out in pain since Monday.  However I don’t believe that this is the reason for poor sleep – as I’ve had intense calf muscle pain (from exercising) in the past.  For those familiar with workout pain, what I am experiencing is DOMS.  I trained lower on Sunday, and managed to get high reps on my exercises for calf muscles, i.e. I trained to failure at around 24 reps.  It certainly has done something because as I mention I have intense DOMS!

Also, you may be surprised, but yes I actually have done some cardio this week!  Now generally I don’t do much cardio as I want to hold on to the lean muscle that I have.  Cardio is well known to help with fat loss, but it is a two edged sword in that it will invariably also cause a loss in lean muscle too.  If one is not in a hurry to lose fat, then in order to hold onto the lean muscle cardio should be limited. If you look at marathon runners vs. body builders, the physique I would like is that of the body builder (the natural one – not the guy taking truckloads of steroids!).

I should point out that avoiding cardio does not equate to poor cardiovascular health.  In fact, weight training (and healthy eating) has given me great improvements in my blood pressure, lipid profile (that is cholesterol levels) etc.  They are all within normal range.  With all this being said, I am a little impatient to see my fat go down faster.  When I first started training Tom’s & Will’s programs I saw a quick loss of fat going from over 22% fat to 13%.  However I’ve been stuck at 13% for many months and want to kick it down to about 10% if I can.  Training and diet is the key.  I’ve added some cardio and will see how it goes.

I did some ‘easy’ cardio on Monday and Tuesday (elliptical while watching an episode of Boston Legal), and am back into the gym today and tomorrow.  I will try and get in sessions on the elliptical on my days off from the gym.

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