Slappin’ some Boobies

So I saw a hilarious video yesterday about a “master boob slapper” here in Thailand.  She claims that she is the only one in the whole world with the particular skill of increasing breast size through slapping.  Really, I’m not joking.  You can see the video here.I, being the kind of person who will only believe a claim if it has had several scientific studies done that have followed accepted scientific protocol and been published in a reputable scientific journal, was of course rather skeptical about this claim that slapping a boob will result in some kind of permanent or semi-permanent increase in size.  The scientist in me knows that typically any trauma to the body will result in heat and swelling. So certainly slapping someone repeatedly in the same area will cause swelling.  Also, naturally that swelling will decrease later.  Still, it is amusing wondering what kind of person will pay the training fee of several million baht to learn the skill.  I mentioned to my wife that perhaps it is a field I could go into, in order to supplement our income.  From her laughing I don’t think I garnered her support.

Still, if it works then it could be an interesting way of increasing muscle mass instead of spending hours training at the gym!Speaking of the gym, workouts are going well.  I have been managing to slowly increase either repetitions or poundage now that I have increased calorie intake.  My RLS has been better today as well.

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