Sleeping Ok (apart from RLS), and Elbow Psoriasis

Last night I went out and met up with a couple of friends at a local sports bar.  Watched some NRL – a game between the Tigers and Parramatta – which was wonderful as I haven’t seen one for so long.  They also had some footage of the Scottish Open golf which I found interesting too.  Lots of shots were landing in the rough and in gullies etc., which is how I play the game, so it was great seeing how they recovered.

I had one can of “Murphys“, a beer I had never had before, but which I really enjoyed.  I like dark beers.  I got home about 10pm, and quickly had a Celebrex and 2 tramadol.  I took 2 as I know that alcohol usually makes my RLS worse, although it is usually only really bad if I have wine, not beer or spirits.  However after only 20 minutes my RLS was excruciating.  I had to continuously move my legs to stop the uncomfortable feelings.  My wife could see my distress and tried to help with a massage, but it was too bad for that.  I had to keep moving my legs and I couldn’t keep them still enough for a massage.  By about 11.30pm I was feeling really tired and wanted to sleep – but the RLS was still bad.  I took another tramadol and also a diazempam.  The tramadol usually takes 60 minutes to kick in, and I didn’t want to wait that long, whereas I find diazempam is pretty fast acting.  Pretty soon I feel asleep, and can report that I had a wonderful sleep – waking up about 10am today!

When I first started Remicade it not only put my arthritis into remission, but also cleared up all of my psoriasis.  I was pleasantly surprised as this had not happened when I took Enbrel.  However over the last 6 months I’ve found that some psoriasis plaques (or rashes as I like to call them) have started to return, and don’t disappear even after my Remicade infusion.  One of these is on my left elbow.  I thought I’d put up a pic today so you can see how it looks.

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