Sleeping with Arthritis

If you’ve glanced over to the right you would have seen that it is just over 2 weeks until my next dose of Remicade.  Currently my dosing regime is every 12 weeks, which according to my doctor is the highest out of all her patients.  Most are on a 10 week regime, with some even on an 8 week regime.

Typically in the final week or so before my dose I will get aching ribs and a sore back at night, which prevents me from sleeping well.  I usually start taking celebrex to combat this.  I also get stomach pains and frequent diarrhea in the last week.  My doctor informs me that this also is not unusual, and studies do show a link between excessive TNF and an inflamed bowel.  In fact, biologics are now sometimes given as a treatment to those with Crohn’s Disease.

Scientists have found that high levels of a protein produced by the immune system, called tumor necrosis factor (TNF), are present in people with Crohn’s disease.

So last night (or rather this morning) I woke up at 3.25am due to the pain from an aching lower back.  With my Remicade dose being close I of course wonder if the pain is just because of position, or is it my arthritis flaring?  I will be keeping a close eye on my pain from here on as if it is persistent and thus indicates arthritis, I will go in early to see my doctor and get my Remicade.  I certainly don’t get any medals for putting up with arthritis pain!

In regard to my general health, I haven’t had any flushes over the last day or so, so hopefully I’m getting back to 100%.  I did have RLS again this morning at work – so that does concern me.  It has been 3 days in a row that I’ve had RLS during the day, and I normally never get RLS at this time.  Hmmmmm.  Tomorrow is a scheduled gym day, so I’m planning on getting back to working out.  Tomorrow will also be time to get the calipers out and measure my fat skinfold!

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