Sleeping with Psoriatic Arthritis

Well just after I blogged last week about sleeping poorly due to psoriatic arthritis the National Psoriasis Foundation puts out an article about how psoriatic arthritis can lead to bad sleep!  In a nutshell a study found that not only do people with psoriatic arthritis have much poorer sleep compared to the general population, but people with just psoriasis also have worse sleep too.  My guess is it is due to the itching.  I know sometimes I’ve woken up and found a part of my scalp just about bleeding from where I have been scratching it while only half awake.  Naturally this is worse if my psoriasis is flaring.

They also reported it is a catch 22 situation, that is poor sleep can be a trigger to a psoriasis flare, which in turn leads to poor sleep.  Then at the end of the article I dug out a real gem:

“Symptoms to watch for include trouble getting to sleep, trouble staying asleep, daytime fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and snoring, gasping, or frequent waking which could indicate sleep apnea. All of these symptoms were reported in higher numbers by people who had psoriasis and even more so by those with psoriatic arthritis”

Wow – I had never before contemplated that there may be link between psoriatic arthritis and my restless leg syndrome, however this article suggested that there could be and that more study is needed.  If you guys need a volunteer with psoriatic arthritis and restless leg syndrome, then look no further!

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