Smack My B*tch Up

Isn’t that a great song?  Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis or even this post, but it still is such a good song to listen to.  It really helps me for motivation in the gym.  Something about that driving drum and bass line – it is the best.

Anyway, today the Psoriasis Foundation released the videos that have been submitted by psoriasis warriors for Psoriasis Awareness Month.  If you get a chance follow the link and check them out.  They are really great.  Really. Great.  Go on – click that link!  I thought that Clayton in particular was hilarious.  Well done guys!

Hmmm.  I had just written a whole bunch of stuff here about training – and it has gone!  Seems I must have deleted it somehow on publishing it.  Argh.  Oh well, here’s the short version.  I’m feeling pretty good at the moment – and am sure it is because of the endorphins rolling around my system from getting back into exercise.  I know that physiologically it is impossible to “feel lean”, however if it was possible to have such a feeling, then after doing my cardio runs I’m sure I would have it!.  My routine this week was cardio (interval running) on Saturday, upper body resistance training on Sunday, cardio (running outside) on Monday, and then lower body resistance training on Tuesday.  I had planned on doing some cardio again yesterday, but somehow in doing my cardio on Monday I ended up with a cut on the inside of my leg, which makes it pretty painful to walk!  I think that the material on my shorts must’ve been rubbing so much that it cut through the skin.

I have a late meeting tonight, but I’ll be back pounding the pavement tomorrow.  I’ll be smacking that b*tch up!

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