Snugfleece – Mmmmmmmm

I’ve blogged many times about the difficulty I have sleeping due to pain in my back and ribs from PsA, and how the pain gets worse the closer I get to the time for my Remicade infusion.

I find my bed to be pretty hard – which seems to accentuate the pain – and therefore usually put down 3 pillows to lie on to try and soften it up.  I also take celebrex and tramadol before I sleep.  Invariably I wake up though at around 2am and have to take another dose of tramadol.

Well in 2010 I stayed at the Trump Soho hotel in New York and absolutely loved the beds there.  I had a wonderful sleep and have kicked myself for not looking into what type of mattress they had.  I was looking on Amazon the other day and stumbled on an advertisement for the Snugfleece.  Is this what they had at the Trump Soho?  I took the plunge and ordered from Amazon the 1 3/4 inch pile height wool mattress cover.  Since I live in Thailand they can’t deliver here, so I have to deliver first to a US address I have set up.  I use and have found them to be really good.  Once it arrives at my US address they then forward it to me in Thailand.

They used DHL and I found out that unfortunately DHL don’t have a very good relationship with Thai customs.  You see, Thai customs is famous for being the most corrupt government department in Thailand.  This is a well known fact in Thailand.  So when the package from DHL got to customs, they slapped on a duty that came to the same amount as the purchase price!  Basically I ended up paying double.  Ugh.  My wife called and spoke to someone there and they nicely told her off the record that she should try and avoid using DHL if possible.  However I think the issue is not DHL, but rather express delivery, with custom’s logic being if someone is paying for super quick delivery then they’ll pay more for duty. Interestingly, the following day I had another package arrive from the US which came via DHL but was “super saver” so took about 20 days to arrive.  I didn’t have to pay any duty on that and yet the purchase price was more than the snugfleece!

I promptly set up the snugfleece on my bed and have had 2 sleeps on it since.  First reports are that it is indeed very good.  I have had two nights of great sleep so far and my fingers are crossed that it continues.  I am surprised that I am sleeping so well less than a week out from my remicade.  The snugfleece sure is making a difference at this point.

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