A Sore Back

I’ve been back from holiday for a while now, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that my back is much sorer here in Thailand than when I was on holiday.

Rather than being unusual, a painful lower back is the norm for psoriatic arthritis warriors, and it differentiates itself as unique by being particularly painful in the morning.  My sore back fits this pattern, with my pain being the worst in the morning, and rapidly gets better as I get up and move about.  So while I was on holiday I didn’t have too much back pain at all in the morning.  Certainly not enough pain that it would wake me up.  However once I returned home I’ve found that within about 3-4 days intense back pain woke me at 4am – two days in a row.  On the 3rd day (last night) I took a celebrex and that seemed to help – with the back pain waking me at 6am instead of 4am.  However I’m wondering why my back pain is suddenly more intense, and think that it may be due to my bed.  My bed here in Thailand is moderately firm, and so I’m going to try and soften it a lot to see if that makes a difference.

Apart from my back everything else is pretty good. My psoriasis is just about disappeared – so hopefully this will last as long as possible before my next remicade infusion.

I took a break from the gym while on holiday and haven’t been back to it yet.  To be honest my motivation for going is pretty low at the moment.  The last few times I went to the gym it was really full – much more than usual – so I couldn’t get on my usual machines / equipment.  I find it hard to go after work too – as my energy is low and I’m mindful of how exercising close to sleeping can make it hard to fall asleep.  The dilemma is not only do I hate getting up early, but I also sweat for about an hour after working out – and sweating profusely while wearing a suit is not an option at my work.  Yeah I know, excuses excuses.  I should just do it.

The good news is that I’m still eating healthy.  I plan to check my body fat levels this weekend.

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