Sugar will make you stupid. Really.

So regular readers will know that I’m not a proponent of sugar and strongly believe that if one wants to be healthy then sugar is the evil nutrient, not fat.  There are many links on this site to research articles etc. if one is interested in finding out more.

What I wanted to post today is a recent study out of UCLA that states:

“a diet high in fructose won’t just make you fat, it may also make you stupid”

What the study did was test rats running through a maze over a 5 day period, then load up half of them on a high sugar (corn syrup) diet and then test again.  They found that those rats on the high sugar diets had much more trouble negotiating the maze.

Now sure these were rats, not humans, however there are similarities between the physiology of rats and humans – which is why they use them.  I’m sure the big sugar companies are pointing to that and screaming for anyone who will hear that “you should ignore the results as it wasn’t tested on humans”.  I don’t know about you, but with all the research out there on how sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and fatty liver, I’m not so fussed on rolling the dice and keeping a high sugar diet.  If it walks like a duck….

By the way, if you do keep your high-sugar ways then how long will it take for stupidness to set in?  According to the scientists:

“In terms of humans, Gomez-Pinilla predicts such changes in the brain to happen within six months to a year.”

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