You are my sunshine…

Apparently it is generally accepted that the majority of people do not get enough Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin, as about 10 mins strong sunlight exposure to a decent amount of skin each day is enough to meet your daily need.  However it has become an issue as so many people these days (including myself) spend the majority of sunlight hours cooped up in an office without windows.

In populations which reside in the far north or south of the earth the people also usually suffer from vitamin D deficiency in the wintertime, when the sun rises late and sets early.

Is vitamin D important?  Yep.  It helps with a variety of functions ranging from weight control through to mood.  You can find a lot of detailed information here.

You may also recall that my testing at the anti-aging clinic showed that I was slightly deficient in Vitamin D (no surprise since I work in a cave!) and my doctor subsequently prescribed me Vitamin D supplementation.

Well since most people are likely to be deficient in Vitamin D, and it is unlikely that you will overdose on Vitamin D, one doctor is recommending that we should be prescribing Vitamin D supplementation far more frequently.

Personally, I believe that you should take a Vitamin D supplement – e.g. something like 2000 IU per day.  This is the recommended daily intake for adults – although there is some controversy over whether this is enough.  However taking my case as an example, I was taking a multivitamin every day (which contains Vit D) and yet when I was tested I was still deficient and needed extra supplementation!  Vitamin D pills are cheap, and can be a quick way to get yourself in better health.  If you can you should get your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels checked.  If you can’t afford that or don’t have the facilities available, then make sure you take a multivitamin and extra Vitamin D.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to take a little extra Vitamin C supplementation on top of that too.

What got me onto this Vitamin D rant today?  I subscribe to Life Extension Org – a foundation researching the best method to live the longest time in the most healthy state possible.  They have some great information on longevity and recently had an article on the benefits of Vitamin D. You can read it here.

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