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Bye Bye Psoriasis

So it’s been a couple of days since my Remicade infusion and I already notice a great improvement in my elbow psoriasis.  I’ll take a pic tomorrow if I remember.   I still have some scalp psoriasis but it is also … Continue reading

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Preparing for Remicade

Actually there isn’t much preparation to do for my Remicade dose.  Just turn up to see my Rheumatologist who typically checks my lungs, heart, blood pressure and psoriasis spots, and then they prescribe the Remicade.  I then go to get … Continue reading

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Workout Fiend. Elbow Psoriasis Updated

Well, as promised I had my “upper” workout yesterday, training back, chest, shoulders & arms.  I dropped my usual weight in order to increase reps.  Wow – it really hurts once you get over 12 reps in a set.  I … Continue reading

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