Turkish Get Ups

I’ve been pretty busy the last week.  Lots of interesting things to write about but so little time!  One thing that has been on my list for a while is how much fun Turkish Get Ups are.  Now TGU’s are a kettlebell exercise that basically involves starting for a lying down position, standing up, and then lying down again while holding a kettlebell above your head.  It sounds easy, but like any good exercise is anything but.

I’m really enjoying working out with kettlebells.  I find there is a lot more variety than going to the gym and one can’t look past the convenience factor of working out at home.  I’ve found that I’ve lost weight / fat easily by cutting out sugar, and with the occasional kettlebells I’ve had a lot of positive comments from people lately regarding my appearance.  And this is even though I’ve only been working out about once per week recently!  Eating healthy with low sugar really works wonders.

I could poke some fun at her outfit, but I’m worried she will hunt me down and kick my butt….

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