Upcoming Treatments for Psoriasis / Psoriatic Arthritis

Only about a week to go before my Remicade infusion.  Usually my back and ribs start aching considerably in the last week before I have my infusion, however things seem to be ok so far.  Last night I took a celebrex and had a pretty good sleep.  I actually woke up at 5.45am feeling pretty bright.  However I didn’t do any cardio, just checked the newspapers and email.

I finally feel like I’m back to about 100% of normal, so on Saturday I went back to the gym.  Instead of resistance training I only focused on cardio.  I did interval training on the treadmill, running a couple of minutes at the leisurely speed of 8 kph, and then a minute at 11 kph.  This got my heart rate above 150 for about 20 minutes, which was my objective.  It wasn’t too difficult at all, although today my legs are complaining a little bit!

Yesterday (Sunday) I started back with the resistance training, doing an upper workout.  It felt good.

Anyway, in regard to upcoming treatments for psoriasis / psoriatic arthritis, last week I came across an interesting site.  The National Psoriasis Foundation has a website showing all the treatments currently under trial – you can find it here.  I am interested in following what appears to be the ‘next generation’ of drugs, i.e. interleukin blockers.  One of these is Briakinumab which had amazing results in a drug trial comparing it against a placebo and Enbrel:

“The Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI) was reduced significantly better than under the comparator treatments. 81–82% of patients under briakinumab, 40–56% under etanercept, and 7% under placebo reached PASI reduction of at least 75% (Reference)

That is pretty incredible.  However although they were all prepared to release the drug for sale, they suddenly withdrew the application early this year.  It was believed that this was due to concern about an increased risk for heart attacks, which I addressed in an earlier post.  As I mentioned in that post, further study has indicated that there doesn’t seem to be an increased risk.

It is encouraging that progress is being made on better treatments.  However I hope that someone is also doing study on a treatment for the cause, rather than something to just mop up the symptoms.  I also have my fingers crossed that someone is working on a generic version once the patent for Enbrel expires next year.

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