V8 Diner & Dihydrocodeine

It was a nice lazy Saturday yesterday.  I hit the gym in the afternoon for an “upper” session.  It went well – except a bit peeved at the “show-boys”.  There are 3 benchpress benches at the gym, and they were all being used yesterday when it came time to do my benches.  As I’ve mentioned before, I keep strict 1 minute rest periods between sets, so I don’t like to be delayed.  My next exercise was incline dumbell presses, but both those benches were being used too.  For the 3 benchpress benches, one was being used by two guys doing crunches, one was being used by two guys who were just talking – and not doing any training, leaving one which was actually being used for what it was designed.  Losers.

Anyway, it was a good workout anyway.  A huge new shopping complex is being built directly opposite the existing complex with my current gym, and I’m hoping that a competitor will open up in the new complex.  Perhaps some competition will help them raise the bar.

Anyway, after the gym I took the family to a new restaurant in town, called V8 Diner.  As the name suggests, it is an American Diner, with a 50’s theme.  It was really good actually.  Good “home-style” warm-your-heart kind of food.  Tasty and greasy.  A good American friend of mine went along too, and gave it his seal of approval, noting that with food like this it is easy to understand why obesity is such a huge problem in the US.  Although the food was fantastic, I think I’d limit myself to going there only once every 2-3 months.  It is too easy to overeat on unhealthy food otherwise.  However if you are not so “healthy” orientated and want excellent (and well priced) diner food – then don’t look past V8.

Went home after that, and being Saturday night I decided to take a couple of Dicodin to relax.  Dicodin is an opiod analgesic which can be bought OTC in Cambodia.  I have a stash for the times when I have a really bad back ache or head ache – but rarely get to use it.  Naturally I felt really good when I took it, but I find that one side-effect is that I can’t sleep.  I also have some pretty crazy what I call “half dreams” while I’m in the state between not fully awake but not asleep.  So I didn’t nod off until after 2am.  However I forgot to take some Celebrex, and was surprised to find that I had a good sleep with no aching back.  So tonight I’ll try no Celebrex again

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