Watch Your Leptin!

On my last blog I talked about the importance of managing leptin levels so that your body continues to use fat for energy.  Well, what do I read in the newspaper today, but an article about the exact same thing!

Wow, talk about timely.  The article was all about how dieting can over the long term make a person gain weight, rather than lose it.  They explained it exactly as I talked about it in my blog.  That is, by dieting the body reduces the hormone leptin which in turn causes the body to slow the metabolism, increase hunger pangs, and store fat.  You may recall that I talked about how bodybuilders “reboot” their leptin levels by having a regular refeed day, and that leptin can bounce back to normal over that day.  I talked about how the 24/7 fat loss guys recommend that the best way to boost leptin during the refeed day (or cheat day as I call it) is to eat a combination of fat + carbs.

I am somewhat in disbelief that this is reported like it is just some recently discovered fact.  Guys, bodybuilders have known about it for years!  Bodybuilders are experts in losing weight, so why don’t you get out of your office and talk to some of them?  Could save you some time and money.

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