One week out from Remicade

Looking to the side I see that I only have 1 more week to go until my next Remicade infusion.  I’m amazed it is so soon as I’m feeling surprisingly good at only one week out.  As I’ve blogged about in the past, I typically have daily diarrhea from one to two weeks out from my infusion, and also have poor sleep as my back aches so much and I wake up due to pain around 3-4am.

However my bowels have been fine!  Hmm, why is it that I cringe a little bit every time I talk about my bowels on this blog?  Must be something culturally programmed into Westerners.  “Don’t talk about your bowels in public”!  So what have I done differently this time?  There are only two things which I have changed (regarding my diet) since my last infusion, the first is that I’m now drinking local water from the tap rather than from bottled water.  I changed as I’m concerned about drinking the majority of my water from plastic bottles.  Especially plastic bottles that likely have been sitting in the sun all day.  Who knows what chemicals have leached from the plastic into the water?  Also, I did some research and found that surprisingly Bangkok water is potable, and they have one of the best websites in the world showing real time water quality.  You can see it here.  The second thing I have been doing differently is taking probiotics daily.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, after I had done the checkup at the anti aging clinic the physician suggested that I take probiotics daily.  She also stated that many of her patients with psoriasis had noticed a marked improvement after taking daily probiotics.  So out of the two reasons, I’m leaning towards the probiotics as helping me to avoid bowel inflammation.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy for the improvement!

Also, my back is not so sore for this time in my treatment.  Typically I’d have terrible back pain by now, and although I do have some (and had it pretty bad last week), I’ve had a pretty good sleep for the last few nights.  Touch wood things continue like this.

Still, even though I’m feeling pretty good I’ll be happy to get my Remicade infusion next week.

Ha – I really was looking for an excuse to use this awesome injection pic!

If you are hankering for some updates on medical research, I read an interesting article this last week on how NASA have invented a great system for implanting biocapsules which deliver medicines in response to certain disease situations occurring in the body.  NASA developed it for use by astronauts who if they get injured, will not be able to be seen by a physician.  Anyway, the logic is that these biocapsules could contain some biologic agent that gets released in response to high TNF levels.  Hopefully this type of implant isn’t too far away.

Another amazing invention is what I like to think of as the first “replicator”.  Basically they have invented a machine which can copy items in 3D.  Sure, it can’t work for items with complex internal workings, however it does work well for basic plastic items etc.  So if you had one of these at your home or work, you could press a button and presto, a cup or implement would be “printed” out.  I continue to be amazed at technological progress.

And finally I’ll leave you with some amazing pictures of the pollution in Beijing.  I find that many people really don’t understand how bad the air gets in Beijing.  It really is bad for your health, and more often that not, the air is bad in Beijing.  Here is a picture showing a great day (rare) and a smoggy day (common).

Scary huh.

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