Winning the Lottery

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Actually, I think that this question needs to be qualified.  The reason being that there are many different sizes for lottery prizes.  From a poll straw amongst friends a lot of people off the top of their head say that they would like to retire early so that then they can concentrate on doing those things that they enjoy, whether it be traveling or playing sports or learning something new etc.  However there are many lotteries which actually won’t allow one to retire.  For example, let’s say that a lottery first prize is a cool US$1,000,000. If one wanted to contemplate retiring then they would have to invest that money so that it could produce a regular income.  In the US the rates are pretty bad.  You can see here that the top rate at time of writing is 2.3%.  However if you want to ensure that you don’t lose the money then bank deposits are probably the safest way to go.  With 2.3% that means an annual income of only $23,000 per year – before tax.  Really – you can’t live a “millionaire lifestyle” on 23K per year.  Now winning a lottery of $10,000,000 would push that annual interest payment up to 230K, which is a lot better.

Anyway, let’s restate the question to “if you didn’t have to work for income anymore, what would you do?”.  For me I’d really like to investigate new technologies, although realistically I’d probably just end up playing PS3 games for hours everyday.  Especially since I saw this yesterday.  Some exciting new discoveries I’ve read about recently is a camera that produces perfect digital copies of items in 3D, and liquid air that could enable humans to explore the bottom of the deepest oceans.  Apparently it has been tested already on Navy Seals who experienced a broken rib or two as it takes a lot more muscle power to inhale and expel liquid into the lungs.  So I hope that they sort that issue out.

Another exciting piece of news I read about recently is that of the cancer fighting properties of the drug metformin.  I’m not sure if the link will work, so if it doesn’t just go to and search for metformin.  Apparently this is a drug that is used for diabetics to help them control insulin levels and it doesn’t have any negative effects for normal people, however they discovered that people taking this drug long term had much lower cancer rates than diabetics on other medications!  I’m all for taking something that will keep me healthier, and will print out the article and show it to my anti aging physician the next time I see her.

Speaking of health, my cold is just about gone and so I’m feeling a lot better.  My psoriasis flared a little last week on my scalp – and I’m guessing it was because I had a cold and thus was run down.  It is better this week.  My restless legs are still troubling me during the daytime – and seems to be a regular thing now – although it seems to be a lot better at night.  What’s with that?  Maybe the vitamins and other supplements that my anti aging doctor has put me on is helping?

If I’m still feeling ok tomorrow then I’ll get back to the gym and do a light workout.  I realized this week that I need to set some kind of goal for the gym in order to get my motivation back up and have something to aim for.  Previously it was to be in shape by Christmas day.  Now that this date has passed I need to find something else.  I’m also thinking of starting some jiu jitsu training with a personal trainer – as this excites me and I’ve heard that jiu jitsu gives a great workout.  Always good to learn some self defense right?

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