Working Like A Dog

Been really busy the last couple of days so haven’t had time to update.  Apologies to the minions!  Then again, if one is a minion then one doesn’t get an apology!  Apology retracted minions!

There, I think that is enough use of exclamation marks.

I have been busy getting some documents finished for meetings today and tomorrow.  Finally got it done at about 6pm and then had a quick meeting with my boss which went really well.  It is great when everything goes according to plan.

I came across an exciting article 2 days ago.  It appears that scientists have discovered a liveable planet not too far away from Earth.  By ‘not too far’ they mean 35 light years, and by ‘liveable’ they mean that the temperature is between 30 to 50 degrees Celsius (86-122 Fahrenheit).

Someone with an active imagination could have some fun thinking about the possibilities of living on another planet.  For one thing they estimate that the gravity would be 1.4 times more than Earth.  So you’d get some pretty strong people growing up there.  Pretty sure that people from that planet would take out all the weight lifting medals at the ‘galactic olympics’.

Say we could travel at one light year per hour, it would only be a 35 hour trip!  Bring on the future!

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