Workout Fiend. Elbow Psoriasis Updated

Well, as promised I had my “upper” workout yesterday, training back, chest, shoulders & arms.  I dropped my usual weight in order to increase reps.  Wow – it really hurts once you get over 12 reps in a set.  I was lifting real “girly” weights too (no offense meant to women – really!).  On a couple of sets I managed to get the reps over 20 (my goal was around 24) before failure, but on most exercises I only managed to get to around 15 before failure.  It wasn’t so much I was failing because of lack of strength – but rather because it hurt!  Not a sharp pain (which is a warning sign that you’ve damaged something), but rather a building up of intense muscle ache as I got into the high teens for reps.  I’m guessing it is a CNS thing, i.e. once my neural pathways get used to the change then I’ll be able to do it easier.

One thing for sure – I got a massive pump out of it – much more than usual.  It felt like my upper body was exploding.  Today I am sore – but it doesn’t seem like it is any more sore than normal after exercising.  I’m due back in the Gym tomorrow for a lower workout, then upper again on Sunday.

This morning I snapped a pic of my elbow.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, my scalp is much improved, with much less psoriasis now, however the spot on my elbow is proving stubborn.  I’ve been hitting it with dermovate at night but from the pics there doesn’t seem to be much change.  I think the latest pic does a better job of showing the plaques though.  It is just over 5 weeks since my last infusion, so I’m not holding out much hope that the elbow will clear up.  I’ve got pitting on some of my fingernails too, and have been trying to get a clear picture, but unsuccessful using my iPhone.  It appears that I just can’t get it to focus clearly close enough for a good pic.  I’ll have to find a proper digital camera somewhere.Here is a comparison pic of my elbow.  On closer inspection it appears that the spot does seem a little smaller.  Next time I’ll try and put a coin in the photo so it will be easier to gauge the size.  You may also notice that I’m not so hairy in the second pic.  I took off the hair before I went for my holiday in Pattaya, in order to apply the fake tan.  With hair left on the fake tan can sometimes clump around it – not pretty.

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